Packing for school

Packing for school

It’s back to school time and I am having mixed feelings about going back. I have this weird feeling of confidence as I know I have done this before but then i also have this strange feeling of nervousness because I know what to expect, and know that I don’t want to mess it up!

If you have watched my first ever YouTube video, then you know that I am basically doing my first year for a 2nd time. I didn’t fail out first year or anything like that, I just figured out that Science wasn’t for me, I couldn’t see myself working in a lab and researching for the rest of my life and 2 months into my first year I knew I needed a change. This is where my new university comes into play.

In high school my favourite class was leadership. I absolutely get a thrill out of organizing events and seeing everything fall into place – let me remind you, I am a bit of a nerd. So, I thought hey what type of career can I do with this and the first thing that came to mind was EVENT PLANNER! So, I began researching different schools and programs that had to do with event planning and my mom actually found the program that I am in now.

I always had a passion for volunteering and helping others. I always knew that whatever my job was I had to help someone or better somebody’s life. For me, I couldn’t figure out how an event planner could improve someone’s life. Now this was still when I was in my science brain and to me helping someone meant performing life saving surgeries or finding the cure to a disease. Again this is where my new program also comes into play.

I am a communication student now, and I hope to have a career in which I can plan and organize events and fundraisers for different charities and organizations. My end goal would be to have my own NGO or non – profit that helps young girls and women learn leadership skills. I know that I am now on the right path- or I hope I am- and that through the communications program I can accomplish my goal. I hope to take you on this journey that I am on through vlogs, blogs, and other fun videos!

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