Bucket List – Activity based

So this summer I have decided to make a bucket list. If I have learned anything about myself, it is that once I commit, I know that I will do it. If I don’t commit it doesn’t happen. So…. I have decided that yes starting tomorrow this bucket list will begin and I will do everything. I hope.

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Do the Sun Run

Bike the Sea Wall

Hike the Chief before the sun rises and watch the sun rise

Make an album/scrapbook of all the old pics from high school and elementary school

Make a perfect egg’s Benny

Make a DIY project once every two weeks from using the money from tips

Make a tie-dyed shirt again…

Learn how to make my own candy

Go to the gym at least twice a week

Be adamant about making YouTube videos

Do course planning

Do a “legit” camping trip

Visit friends on the island

Have a day where you just marathon a single TV show

Build a fort inside and stay there

Make s’mores

Have a bonfire

Road trip somewhere

Have a photoshoot… A cheesy one

Do something drastic with my hair

Watch every oscar nominated movie in the 2013 season

Have at least 1 lake day

Read a book every 2 weeks

Meet a boy.

Meet a boy – a boy who likes me.

Meet a boy who will kiss me.

Blog – all the time.


Send postcards to friends

Go on a date

Go to Crankworx

Try yoga one more time

Find a house to live in next year

People watch in Whistler

Make a new friend

Go to Playland

Make a new dish every week

Learn how to penny board

More to come….



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