The first few weeks after school ends or summer rambles.

Starbucks has been my home for the past 3 weeks. Maybe that’s a tad of an exaggeration, but still, I’ve been there a lot lately. 

It’s odd. There are people who don’t talk to you all school year and then you come back home and it’s all like “I’ve missed you it has been too long…” When in fact it should be more like “hey, no one else is home, I’m bored and we used to have something in common…” 

Truth be told this is not how I think of all my starbucks meet ups with friends that I have not seen in months. I actually am honestly curious about what they are up to and how they are doing. Especially those that are still in high school about to graduate, cause I am a really nosey person and would like to know what they are doing. 

Although I do believe that my friends that are back this summer, although there are not that many, may think of me in that way. 

Oh well. At least people do want to chill. 

Today whilst having a Starbucks catch up sesh, this conversation came up. You see the people that you want to see. I mean it’s so true, even though the summer after grade 12 we were all home, I really honestly only saw like 2 people that whole summer. Or the fact that now there are other ways to see what everyone is up to (ie: Facebook). I must admit I do hardcore creep people who I am curious about. Like the boy that I liked in grade 10, or that girl that everyone thought was going to do wonders with the world, or that boy who broke my heart, or that girl/boy that____________. It can be anything. So why is it that we feel that we have to meet up and have these conversations that go something like this…

Me: How are you? It has been too long!

Friend: Great and you? And I know eh?

Me: I’m good! How’s school?

Friend: Great and you?

Me: Good. How’s _______?

And you get the picture. 

I think that we do this because we miss the feeling of home. Or at least I think that’s the reason for me. I mean yes I can look at the Facebook pictures and yes it’s true we see who we want to see. But, it is nice that we get face-to-face connections with these people that we haven’t seen in a very long time. And truth be told, as cynical as I may be about these meet ups. I do look forward to them.


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