Day 2 – Likes and Dislikes

Okay so by the time this gets posted it will probably be day 3 but I feel like I have semi-valid excuses for missing day 2… Ready for it? It’s exciting news for me, I don’t know if anyone else would be that excited about it.. but I signed my first renting contract with my 2 room mates!!!! We have finally found a place for the 3 of us to live come the new school year, but I digress… 

Day 2! Day 2 calls for 10 likes and dislikes.

I think I am going to start with likes…

1. The smell of rain on pavement on a summer day

2. Believing that there is such thing as true love

3. Baking – baking anything to be honest, cakes, cupcakes, cookies anything

4. Playing soccer in the rain

5. Being with friends and being able to hang out with them, and even if no one has anything to say and we are silent, the silence is comfortable

6. Exploring – anything and anywhere, I am always up for a great adventure

7. Meeting new people – New people are always so interesting which is why I always love the first day of school

8. Speaking of school, I love brand new school supplies

9. Birthdays

10. Knowing that things will always get better, because if you feel like you are at your worst, you know that it can only go up from there

11. and a bonus one just because…. Disney… I love Disney


Now onto dislikes…

1. The feeling that I may be forever alone


no but legit, I have that feeling

2. Parallel parking

3. The feeling of being judged

4. Dishonesty, I’d rather hear the brutal truth than a lie that is going to hurt in the long run

5. Not knowing where you stand in a relationship – be it a friendship, a romantic relationship, any relationship really

6. Being told that I can’t do something

7. The unknown, I should really learn how to embrace it

8. Economics…. Worst class I have ever taken… but definitely a class that taught me alot

9. Being the single friend

10. A state where there is no change and everything is static


Well there are my top 10 likes and dislikes that I could think of in the moment!


Happy blogging!


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