Day 4 – Something I am afraid of

Oh golly, I am terrible at this posting everyday thing. I hope that I will improve as the month goes on…

This one is another toughy. I mean we can go with things that I think  most people should/are afraid of like being eaten by Hannibal Lecter or falling to your death from a 60 story building, the usual stuff you know. Or we could go with the deep and heavy real things that I know I am afraid of… To make this interesting I think I am going to go with the latter.

“Real” things that I am afraid of:

1. I have this major fear of thinking that I am going to always be alone and that I will never, ever find someone else and I know that I should be strong and know that I don’t need someone else to complete but you know, it would be nice to have someone around

2. Death. I fear death but I think that is an extension of fearing the unknown

3. Speaking of the unknown, I think that is my third major fear. Although I actually really enjoy change and love spontaneity, I fear things that no one else knows the answers to too. Things like space, I hate thinking about space and the universe and the fact that we are just some insignificant little blip in this long and never ending, infinite timeline… ahhhhhhhh…… my mind cannot even handle those thoughts I seriously just shudder and begin to try to think about happy things.


Well the next days post is a tad happier so happy blogging!!! 


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