Day 5 – 10 songs

So to keep this a little more interesting I decided to use my iTunes instead of my iPod. My iPod has just a little over 300 songs and those were all added recently, so I feel like using my entire iTunes library could come up with some pretty interesting and not to mention maybe some oldies but goodies (probably no goodies) songs.


1. Bones – James Blunt 

2. Come What May – Glee edition

3. Defying Gravity – Glee edition… 

4. 11:11 pm – All American Rejects

5. Money Honey – State of Shock

6. This Kiss – Carly Rae Jepsen

7. Young – Hedley 

8. When I’m Gone – Simple Plan

9. What It Feels Like For A Girl – Glee edition 

10. Somebody To Love – Justin Bieber


I am slightly entirely embarrassed by the first 10 songs that came up when I put my iTunes on shuffle. I believe this playlist says that I am obsessed with Glee and listen to the top 40. Yes I will admit that there was a phase that all I would listen to would be top 40 and yes I do like some of the Glee covers. Actually you know what… I am proud of the 13 year old self taste in music… As most of these songs I feel like I downloaded way back when in the Limewire/Frostwire days. 

Anyway happy listening and just for kicks I decided to add my favourite songs at the moment 🙂

1. Good Thing – Sam Smith

2. Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman, because you can always do with a jazz song, and as a trumpet player I truly appreciate this song

3. Everlasting Arms – Vampire Weekend

4. The Girl – City and Color this will forever be one of my favourite songs




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