Okay definitely not part of the challenge but something I needed to get off my chest. You know how there are feelings for certain situations like that feeling you get when you see your country win a gold medal at the Olympics or that feeling out get when your favourite song comes on. Some of these feelings are awesome and others I feel as thought I can do without. This includes the feeling that I am feeling right now… Gosh the word feeling is beginning to lose its meaning. That feeling you get after sending a risky text. A text that could be interpreted in funny/wrong way that would totally change the dynamic of the conversation based on the way that the other person would interpret it. Texting and messaging are tough because the other person cannot read your delivery of your message. So, although you may whole heartedly write a message that is really sincere the person receiving it could read it as a sarcastic message, you never know. 


That’s all for rambling now, night interweb


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