Day 8 – 3 Things I Want to Say to People Who Annoy Me

Okay I didn’t really know how to approach this blog post, so I decided to think of types of people who annoy and what I would say to them. So here are 3 types of people that annoy me and this is what I would say to them if I could say anything to them.


1. The I-work-out-all-the-time-and-have-to-tell-everyone-about-it person. Now this person frustrates me so much because I understand that working out is good for you and it’s awesome that it makes you feel good. But when you rub it in my face that I probably am just sitting around on my couch watching Hannibal and eating Ms.Vickies salt and vinegar chips, while you run laps or lift weights, I get annoyed. So this is what I would say to you. “Good for you, I am glad that you work out. I’m glad that this makes you happy. But, I am sorry that you have to constantly remind others that you work out. I mean it is obvious when you look at your body that you take good care of it. Please stop subliminally telling me that I am lazy and need to get off my ass. And for all you know I could be working out and going for runs, just because I don’t flaunt it doesn’t mean I don’t do it.”


2. The I-always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-things-and-am-thankful-for-everything person. I think the reason this person annoys me is because I am insanely jealous of this person. I know a couple people like this and they themselves do not annoy me, but I think I get annoyed by the fact that I cannot be as optimistic about things like them. So, this is what I would say… “Thank you for showing me that there are wonderful people like you out there in the world. But, I wanted to let you know that it’s okay to not have a good day and it’s okay to complain and it’s okay if you want to just grumble and feel like everything is unfair, you are only human. Thank you though, for being the wonderful and bright person you are, I am jealous of you.”


3. The I-always-make-plans-but-never-follow-through person. This person truly annoys me because I know at some point the intention to hang out was most definitely there, it just feels like when the plans fall through or get cancelled that you weren’t important enough to be remembered, so this is what I would say “hey buddy, look you have done this to me too many times to count. Don’t treat me or anybody else like a second choice. Nobody deserves that. You need to figure out what is important to you, and if I am not that’s okay because I catch your drift.”


So there you go interweb that is what I would say.


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