Day 16 – Starsign

Well I know very little about my starsign so I did a little bit of research whilst taking a break at the hotel we are staying at. Here is the site I got stuff at:) and here are some pics!
Also my starsign is a Virgo.






Okay so here’s how I feel about this…

I’m a skeptic but for some reason I felt as though I could relate to this description except for a few things. I am not naturally shy but yes it is true that I am shy if I begin to have feelings for someone. I didn’t know that the reason that may be, would be because of the fact that I am a Virgo.

I am a self diagnosed hypochondriac. I think that I am always sick and it could be because I am obsessive. Once there is a small issue it just grows and grows until I come to the conclusion that I am going to die in the next few days.

I am not really slow to make moves, I am indecisive but when I need to make a move I make it. There is no dilly dallying with that.

I am not super precise but I do like the get the job done. I do have the attitude that everything that needs to get done will get done and I promise that that will happen!

That’s more or less what I have to say about it hahah


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