Day 17 – Dear 16 year old self.

Dear Naiomi (age 16),

Congrats on turning 16, I know that you were looking forward to it. Don’t waste your birthday wish on that boy. He isn’t worth it and I bet know in a few months he is going to break your heart. But don’t dwell on it, you and him were never going to be more than friends and you never were anything but friends so don’t worry. It may feel like a break up but honestly don’t fret he’s nothing and so not worth it.

Make the most of being in grade 11, take every opportunity and know that even when times seem like they are getting rough it’s not all that bad and I promise you, it all works out.

If there’s one thing I would really like you to know, it’s that you can’t sweat the small stuff, just let it be. It always works out and if it hasn’t worked out, there’s more to come.

Ah yes and your health for some reason in grade 11, you become quite obsessive over your health. You are fine. That bruise is just a bruise and that stomach ache is just a stomach ache. You are fine.
Just breath.

Don’t always be in a rush. Enjoy every moment. Don’t rush to grow up and do things, you have plenty of time. You are only 16. You have to live a little and don’t be so serious.

Don’t fret over boys, leave that for your future self to concern herself to. I’m sure there is someone perfect out there for us.

Love always,

Naiomi (age 19)

PS. Pay attn in your science courses I know that you are cause you want to be a doctor but take it seriously cause you change your mind a lot, but you may be full circling back to being a doctor.


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