Day 21 – Popular Notion I Think the World has Wrong

This one again was a toughy for me, it seems as though I am struggling with a lot of these posts. I couldn’t decide as to whether I should take a serioius approach (ie. religion, evolution, science, etc.) or a funny approach. I feel as though I have done a lot of this challenge and I think I have done a little bit of serous and comical… or attempted comedy. So this time I decided to do funny with a little added opnion at the end. The notion I have chosen is…

All asians are good at math

This is a lie. No one ethnicity or population is just naturally good at one thing, everyone has to work at everything that they do. Sure there are those exceptions that are just naturally good at whatever, but the majority of this popultion usually will have to work hard at the talent or skill they wish to be good at. I, myself am a full mixture of Asian and by this notion I technically should be a math wizard. But, I ain’t no math wizard, I just enjoy school (ick) and work my ass off to get the marks and satisfaction from school that I want. Math for me is not my strong suit either. This notion is a lie.



Now I don’t know if this really fits here or not, but as I was pondering how to answer this one, I started to think about the social cues of dating and hooking up in this day and age and I realize that a lot of people have started talking about this as well. I don’t know if this is considered a popular notion but a new popular mindset of hooking up and not looking for anything serious when it comes to dating and relationships. I mean I am all for having fun and doing what you need to do. Call me old fashioned, but I think that there is something romantic and comforting about knowing that there is one person out there for you that will be there for you and want you and solely you. Personally, I feel as though that right now this sounds like a minority opinion. I don’t know if other people feel this way as well. I just don’t like the hook – up culture. I just like the idea of being asked out or asking someone out. Or going for coffee or simply just walking around in a park. I could be talking like this just because I have never been in a relationship and don’t know the whole deal. But, for me it’s just nice to be able to think like that, gives me a sort of comfort. What are other people’s opnions?


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