So it’s been a while… Let’s make lists and look at gifs

Hello internet.

So, it’s been a while. Let us excuse that post that I posted on my birthday…

I have not been very good at keeping my promise… Of blogging more consistently and vlogging and making videos.Now I have come to the point where there are so many things that I want to write about, and I think that each of those things need their own blogpost. I have a few drafts sitting around too, that I need to finish up… (ahhhh procrastination)


(It’s truly sad… I procrastinate with the things that actually make me happy and things that I want to do all the time… where as when it comes to studying, I actually feel guilty for not studying… God, I am weird…)

This is probably what you are thinking and this is what I am saying back to you…


But, that’s enough of having fun with finding gifs that fit perfectly.

Today I felt like it would be a good time to just write about anything that comes to my mind. Decided to take the night off and just relax, watched OUAT, found a sick 8tracks blogging playlist and eating some dried mangos. There are a lot of things on my mind… should I make another list? Yeah I think that’s a good idea. Let’s make another list… I think I need to change the line underneath my blog…. It should be “A university girl trying to comprehend life in lists”

Ooooo let’s make this a little more interesting and go gif crazy in this post

Today’s list: Things on my mind… That could eventually turn into individual blog posts

1. Where is my prince charming? I am waiting for you.  I am actively looking for you and when I find you I will ask you for coffee:) I am tired of sitting on my butt waiting for you to come around.


2. I am tired of studying


Me everyday after looking at my OChem

3. I want to become a doctor so badly. Like it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s kind of exciting though to have a goal that I can work for.. but this also leads to many many  situations that look like the gif just above. Then there are times that I feel like this….


but truth be told, I shouldn’t really be feeling like this. I am only a third year and I am sure that med school is 10299348975983573985739857349579x harder than what I am doing right now so really I should….


4. Living with roommates is different, It is an experience with lots of learning and I really like it and it is teaching me a lot about myself and about living really….


5. I need to write my blogging schedule into my planner. Then I will actually do it, cause I can check it off and cross it off my to do list… I like crossing things off.


6. Damn, there are gifs for everything.


That’s me looking for gifs.

Well internet, this has been fun and I promise I will be back soon, I need to be back soon. It feels good to get things off my chest.

Blogs to come:)

❤ Naiomi

One more just for fun….


I bet you can hear the noise she is making too


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