Thanksgiving… A blog post that is a tad late

Ah, I am late on this blog post (but is that really anything new? I always push my fun things out of the way for studying.)  I always think that it is important to reflect upon things every once in a while. So here my friends, is a list of things that I am thankful for (some serious and some not so serious things) :

1. Good health of myself and my family

2. The opportunity to go to school and having the capacity to think about my future goals and dreams

3. Green macha lattes

4. Not having to worry about not having enough food to eat

5. Having my biggest worry in life be school

6. Living in a place where I don’t have to worry about violence and being endanger when I walk around

7. Having friends

8. Having the opportunity to do things I love, like travelling, volunteering and going to school (okay sometimes the school thing is not something I love)

9. Hugs

10. Having this blog to vent and ramble

Thanks internet, see you soon. Actually probably really soon, I have more things to say (as per usual)


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