Day 3: What you think your reason for being here is?

I don’t know how to interpret this question.  Is this like a spiritual/religious thing? If so I can’t answer this or moreso don’t know how to answer this because I am not religious. If this is asking me why I am here blogging, then I can answer that. I am here blogging because I love doing it. I love being able to freely say what I want and just type the first things that come to my mind. I love the anonymity of the internet, very few of my friends know about this blog and it almost feels like an escape. I love how I am able to read about other people who are in the same stages of their life as me. Or maybe this question is asking me what I am going to do with my life. This is a question I struggle with on a daily basis. Truthfully, I don’t know. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason, if something doesn’t work out that there is something better out there for you. I know that this philosophy is very wishy washy and I in know way mean that you expect things to just fall into place. This quote for me I guess has to be modified to everything happens for a reason and if something doesn’t work out even though you worked your ass off, you are meant for better things. I do know in the future I want to help people and maybe that is through med school but it may be through something else that I haven’t even encountered yet.


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