Well in about 46 minutes it will officially be New Years Eve



And what it the first thing that people think of when they hear the words New Years? Well of course it is resolutions!!!


So here is my list of resolutions.

Naiomi’s Resolutions for 2015

1. Be okay with being single and know that one day you will meet someone super awesome and geeky and who will totally understand your fascination with weird science things.


Yes seriously.

2. Take breaks and breathe. Know that there is more to life than doing well in school. There is a balance between relaxation and being social and school


See my life will be as balanced as this cute baby

3. Be happy with who I am and don’t let the perception of how I think others see me affect me


4. Say yes more often


5. Don’t do this whole over thinking thing. Just take it as it is.


Yes young Lindsay Lohan I am going to need luck for that one.

6. Write more, blog more, read more and give myself more time to do the things I love to do

I think that it was I want my resolutions to be next year. This post will probably be updated with more resolutions tomorrow but for now…


Happy New Year, can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.




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