Happy New Year internet!!!!!!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic and safe NYE!

I had a pretty low-key and chill NYE. I went over to one of my coworker’s house and we played Settlers of Catan, or more like I learned how to play Settlers of Catan and then we watched Pirates of the Caribbean…. So yes pretty low key!

Man, if there are any Settlers of Catan players out there, would anyone like to offer up some suggestions?? I was not very good at it, but I can see why friendships could be ruined by this game.

This was the process of me playing Settlers….

download (1)

The instructions for this games is a book, it even has a glossary.


But I think that was the jist of the game. Really didn’t sound that difficult.


Then the people around me started talking like this and here I was talking like this….


When clearly you know you that you need brick to build a road and then I started thinking this was a good strategy….


And then mid way through I started feeling like this…


And then I learned that this game is most definitely the reason why a lot of friendships end

But in the end I realized that this game is super awesome and I cannot wait to play another game!!!!

Anyway that’s how I spent my New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!! Let’s make sure 2015 is everything we want it to be!




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