Adventuring & Changes


Man, I have not blogged in forever!

Although it feels like every time that school kind of picks up and I get back into my routine I find that I have less to say to the world. So maybe that is why I haven’t blogged in a while. I just haven’t had anything much to say… as it seems like I am doing now. But truth be told there is a point to this post.

I am off for a 5 month adventure in T-6 Days.

I will be working in Livingstone, Zambia for 3 months, then spending a week in Namibia, then a week in Hong Kong and then I am spending 2 months solo in SE Asia. (If anyone has any tips for SE Asia I would greatly appreciate any advice that I can get!)

I have a separate travel blog, so if anyone is interested in following that this is the address but I will be updating this blog as well as I travel. The other one will probably be used more than this one though…

So, clearly my commitment to this blog has not been that strong. My 365 day blog posts stop after a few days. But, I think that reflection and keeping track of my trip and hopefully finding something important to say will challenge me to blog more. Also I am planning on filming my entire trip and making videos when I come back from my trip.

As people who know me well know… I am hardcore into my school. Like I take school seriously and it is kind of ridiculous how hard I school. I mean it’s all for the goal of ending up at med school. But, due to this trip I have decided to take at least a semester off of school, with the possibility of taking the next semester off as well. Just to work and volunteer and what not. If I do not go back in January I am planning on studying a lot and taking my MCAT, but that’s all up in the air still. Who knows.

If I have learned anything about planning for this trip, it is that you can’t plan some things. Sometimes things just happen you can’t control it. You just have to accept things, and things will work out. It may never be how you planned or expected it but things will work out. The amount of setbacks that happened before this trip happened was ridiculous. But, it all turned out, not how I planned but it could be better. We will see.

I cannot wait to document, photograph and film this adventure. It is something that I know will be challenging, exciting, anxiety-evoking, crazy, spontaneous and unpredictable and I hope that I am ready to take it on.



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