In Namibia, I found that there weren’t that many options  for hostels. There is one main hostel in Windhoek that most people go to and honestly it was quite wonderful. Before I begin this post about hostels I would like to recommend the travel agency, The Cardboard Box, the lovely Allison helped me the entire way and made sure that everything was in line for when I arrived. This was my first real backpacking portion of my trip and it gave me a sense of safety to know that somethings were already planned and ready. Anywho… the hostels. In Nambia I visited 2 places on my own (Windhoek and Swakopmund) and then a third on a tour (Sossuvlei). Unfortunately I didn’t get to explore the northern part of Namibia on this trip but that just means I have to go back right?


Chameleon Backpackers 

This was the backpacker that I chose to stay in, in Windhoek. I absolutely loved it. This is the most popular backpackers in Windhoek, there is another one, I didn’t get to check it out, but I heard it is much quieter and does not get the traffic that Chameleon has. Also a plus, grocery store is about 2 blocks away and they have free continental breakfast (yay for free!). They have airport transfers, which you can coordinate with them prior to your arrival. When I arrived in Windhoek, someone was waiting for me with a sign that had my name on it and waited for me while I took money out of the ATM.

For first time travellers to Namibia I highly recommend doing this, as the airport is actually quite a ways away from Windhoek.

Upon arrival, someone at the front desk was there to greet me and then gave me a tour of the entire hostel. It is set up in a great way, it has a large hangout area,bar,  breakfast area, pool and TV room. There are 2 different rooms that you can book there. The dorms or the privates. I was situated in an 8 person dorm. The dorms are clean, have lockers and 1 bathroom to share.

I have read countless reviews about grouchy receptionists and workers but I failed to encounter a single one. They were very accommodating and have great safari packages. I did go on one and will speak more to that in a later blog post. I would like to mention just how accommodating they were. As I really wanted to see the coast on my own they told me that they could pick me up further down the coast to join their tour later on. Truly exceptional.


Desert Sky

As in Windhoek there are a few options in Swakopmund. I chose to go for the quieter of the bunch as I was recommended it by a traveller I met, while in Zambia. And I am glad that I did. My arrival at Desert Sky was a bit of a fluster. I had just gotten out of the shuttle that would drop me there and I realized I had left all my travel voucher in the van. In a panic I ran into the hostel shouting at the poor lady my situation and she told me to calm down and give her a phone number and she would sort it out. And she did, then she kindly gave me a tour and restaurant recommendations. Again there are 2 options, private rooms and dorms. I stayed in a 6 person dorm, and it was grand. All beds are outfitted with large comforters and fluffy pillows. There is one shared bathroom per dorm. They have a kitchen that has free tea and coffee, an entertainment room and a bar b que. It is centrally located and all sights are near enough to walk to.


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