Arriving in Namibia

So as Namibia was the first stop on my “solo” backpacking trip I was very worried and over planned it. I do not regret this at all, because it just made the trip a whole lot smoother. I arrived late at night at the Windhoek airport. Now the funny thing is, is that the Windhoek airport is located about an hour out of the city so be sure that you know where you are going once you arrive. Fortunately I was able to coordinate a ride with the hostel I was staying at Chameleon Backpackers (for more info… ). They were waiting for me there at the airport, with a sign with my name on it. I have forgotten exactly how much this is but i believe it was between $20-25 (CAD). There is an ATM at the airport as soon as you enter the arrival hall, so there is no need to worry about getting money beforehand like I did. I was running around the Joberg airport looking for a money exchanger or an ATM… there are no ATMs in the international departure area, so don’t bother looking, but I digress.


My first glance of Namibia was at night. So, really can’t say much about first impressions. From what I could see the town center looked very quant, and old town type of feel. Very European. Namibia is a very young country, just gaining independence in 1994, just as old as I am. So the European feel is not very surprising.





After arrival, I chilled at the bar at the hostel and had a nice cold Windhoek beer. I had a travel day ahead of me, so I rested up and headed to bed.


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