Day 1 – Naiomi gets her shit together

YAY! 4th year is finished!


Okay it is now 4 days post finals and I have decided it is high time to get out of bed and binge watching house.


(Only because it is never Lupus)

As per usual, like the past 4 summers, I have made the promise to myself that I will do all these things and check off all these boxes from my To Do list. So lets post a picture of me pretending to be productive


(ahhh much hipster. much productivity)

Looking at the fine print you can see that one of the boxes on the to do list is to “get un-addicted to medical dramas” so not all of the to do list things are serious.

So here’s to a summer where I have things I want to check but at the same time, not really know what’s to come.

If anyone out there is reading this blog, and cares enough to keep reading… this summer I will get my travel stuff done, blog through my MCAT experience, and also see if I can document my garden growing.





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