Well then.

So, obviously this whole blogging thing is not working out for me and there many, many, many things that needed to be vented out in the past 8 months.

I feel like I am always writing these when I am in a fantastic mood, slightly tipsy, or in a really crappy mood.

Today is a day that I am in a really crappy mood. Like really crappy. Today I found out that I didn’t get a medical school interview. Even further than that I got super shitty scores.  I know right now I am writing this in a rage because of how I am feeling. The things I am feeling kind of sucks. It just feels like everything that I have worked for got crushed from a single email. I know I should be proud of how far I have come and I should be proud of what I have accomplished and I should not be discouraged and I need to pick myself and try again. It just sucks that I couldn’t get far enough to get an interview. It sucks that I feel like I have been trying my hardest, but my hardest is obviously not hard enough. There are people that have been working harder and getting better marks and all the while being the best people in the world.

Maybe right now is not the best time to be writing stuff like this. Maybe my emotions are taking over. But it is disappointing.

I don’t even know what this blog even is but it had to be written somewhere I guess.

I want to cry but I can’t. So what am i going to do? I am going to write about everything that has made me angry in the past year. I am sorry. I am so sorry but I think I need to do this for me.


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