I’m over overthinking


The classic overthinking gif. Perfect way to start this blog post. This post is more me being angry at myself and frustrated about overthinking.

So what sparked me to have this burst of anger? I watched this buzzfeed video and then realized that the girl, was basically my spirit animal.

Then I was like ah gee that makes life so much more difficult.

Overthinking for me, is something that I absolutely hate about myself. It is something that creates a lot more problems for myself than absolutely necessary. Like when I go to a restaurant. I have to force myself to order the first thing that stands out. If I don’t I will be looking at a menu for half an hour before a decision can be made. So… Then what happens when I amplify that bigger decisions like summer plans, school, relationships? It’s a disaster.

Now, the real problem is that I don’t just overthink the normal outcomes, the likely outcomes. I tend to overthink the problems that are extraordinarily unlikely. This may stem from the unlikelihood-ness of my irrational fears, but I digress.

Let me tell you about my classic cycle that I have been going through for the past month.

I met a boy (oh yes how all the exciting stories start)… anyway… I met a boy. Now this boy and I are texting. But, I cannot double text when he doesn’t reply because they means I am needy. But at the same time I cannot reply to quickly because then I am too keen, and I cannot always be the first to text him. Oh and he’s not replying, that just means he’s not interested. Hasn’t replied in 3 hours oh definitely not interested. He hasn’t asked me a question. Oh he wants the conversation to end. This just goes on and on and on. Then he texts me back and it goes away.

So what I have learned is this.

It shouldn’t and doesn’t matter what other people think. You do what you know is best for you. If you want to text the boy, text the boy. If you want to talk to someone talk to them. If you want to eat something, try it. Don’t let you mind take over and cause you to drive yourself to the ground just thinking about all these possibilities. Because the real thing may not be what you would’ve thought it would be. It could be worse, but at the same time it could be so much better than anything you could’ve imagined.


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