To the fifth boy

Boy, I contemplated this one. I didn’t think that I should write about it. But, oh well, if it crossed my mind it probably meant it was at some point something I wanted to right about.

Dear D,

You were a blip. A very brief blip. I am sorry I think I was the one that messed this one up. The thing was I wasn’t interested. You knew that, you also weren’t interested in me. You maybe were interested in hooking up, but we both knew that you weren’t interested in me. To me that wasn’t going to work. I’m sorry because I am okay with that, cause you were clear with it and we just had different expectations.

The thing is that we run in the same friend group and we used to text everyday. Now we don’t even say hi at our mutual friends house. The last time we saw each other you petted my head like I was a dog. It made me feel weird. It was uncomfortable.

I know you’re not a bad guy. I know that you are probably one of the nicest guys in our friend group. I know that it probably is just because we didn’t click and I wasn’t looking for anything that you wanted. I am sorry.

I know that you just came out of a relationship and you need time and I should’ve been more patient with you, but at the same time, I was going through a time where I felt selfish. So I am sorry for that too.

D. I know you’re gonna to be swell and I am sure we can just get gooned together at the next party and it will be okay. You were a fun blip in my life and I think we are both okay with where we are.




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