Thank you for coming and checking out my blog, it honestly means a lot to me when people check it out!

This blog has been recently revamped and is now going to take a new direction. It began as a place where I could come and rant and vent and clear my head. And sometimes it will still be that space for me, but most of the time, or so I am hoping it will be a place where I can recount past memories, offer some amateur advice and talk about the things I love. This blog will be a place to discuss travel, food and life and I am excited to see what happens.

I am an average millennial who loves to hike, be outdoors, try new things and adventure – yes sounds very millennial-y. I just graduated from university and have turned to blogging as a fun outlet.

I love chatting and meeting new people, and I am super excited to adventure with this blog.




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