Worth it.

I guess I have had a little bit on my mind for a while. This morning I found myself tossing and turning and not being able to sleep. So, as one naturally does, I decided to see if I could write about it and maybe it would help. I have always struggled with this feeling … Continue reading Worth it.



I am excited. You know those days that you feel like all of sudden there may be a switch in your attitude or the way that you are looking at a situation? I think that happened recently. Now, I am not saying this is some huge moment of clarity or like a magic button. But, … Continue reading Excited.


Recently the boy said something to me. Every so often the boy will say something to me and it sticks with me and I get caught up on it. He knows when this happens, so I wonder if he caught on this time. We were talking about firsts. This is my first relationship. Everything that … Continue reading Firsts


So, a little switch from the last post You know that feeling when you’re just tired. Your body is physically tired. You brain is mentally tired and sometimes even you feel like you are emotionally tired? I hate that these tireds all seem to occur at one time. You see each of these tireds by … Continue reading Tired


So, I guess it hasn't been that long since I wrote a more serious blog post, although I think it is time that I wrote about this feeling. Or maybe better said, the state of being anxious. About a month ago, I went through a bit of a rough patch. A patch in which I … Continue reading Anxious